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people carry in their possession every day. >> reporter: they identified five people, including two juveniles, who they say worked as part of two different robbery crews. >> if they see an opportunity, they'll take it. really, i don't think there's much thought that goes into it, other than they see somebody that's distracted. >> reporter: they say people need to be more careful, which many people we met said they are. >> just make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and see who is around. >> reporter: oakland police said some of the robbery suspects may be tied to crimes in other east bay cities as well. they acknowledge that they don't have a comprehensive crime presence plan right now. one year of the first occupy demonstrations rocked the country, the oakland mayor gave us her thoughts on how the city managed the protest. >> we may think occupy here is different than anywhere else in
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the country, but i think we've learned. i'm working with the judge to get the police department to be more -- i think we've made a lot of changes. >> the occupy movement in oakland began with an encampment at the plaza. the movement later grew into protests and violent clashes with police. the oakland city council got an earful about the city police department at a ruckus meeting last night. they demanded the city release a police report of an incident. 18-year-old alan bluford was shot and killed last may. police say they are addressing the issue. >> there are up to four investigations that will be held on this matter as well as a statement that you should know that we are looking at
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other measures that we can take to allow for the city council to continue moving forward with its business. >> occupy protesters shouted down the council members, forcing them to end this meeting early. oakland police are about to get much-needed help on the street. the factor that sets this class of recruits apart from others. >> police in san jose are being credited with rescuing a woman and her dog from a burning apartment building before fire crews arrived. but after they rescued her, they had to put her in handcuffs. it all happened just before 4:30 this morning on yolo court. investigators say officers borrowed a ladder to get the woman and dog, both of whom were trapped on a roof. but they say the woman wouldn't cooperate with them. >> we had to restrain her for her own safety and she is being evaluated by paramedics. >> one dog was killed in the fire and a firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor burns on his leg. six people who lived in the complex are getting help tonight from the red cross.
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in san francisco, a fire that tied up traffic on interstate 280 for hours this morning is being ruled an accident. this video from news chopper 2 shows the scene just after 7:30 at a portable building that is right next to the highway there near 5th and king. it's right across from a homeless camp we told you about last month, when it was cleaned out. investigators say it appears some garbage caught on fire but it's not clear what sparked that. there were no reported injuries. the highway patrol now says it is investigating whether an off-duty firefighter was driving under the influence when he crashed his truck in marin county. the crash happened near bowman canyon creek. the injured driver is 46-year- old richard marshall, a ross valley firearm. marshall broke his neck. the chp is running blood tests to determine if he was under the influence. >> there was a person at the scene who detected a slight odor of alcohol coming from the
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driver. because we had reasonable suspicion, we did place the driver under arrest so we can get a blood sample from him. >> the highway patrol says it could take up to a week to get any lab results. a chello stolen from a san francisco musician is back where it belongs tonight. ktvu's david stevenson is live where police are saying even though the chello is back, this case isn't closed. >> reporter: gasia, this story seems to have had a happy ending, thanks to some nearby opera house staffers who recognized the stolen chello after seeing it on channel 2 news. san francisco conservatory of music student adam young is making music again after getting his stolen chello back. >> i'm so exactly to the community, whoever helped me find this. i just -- i'm speechless. >> reporter: channel 2 was the only news crew on the scene, as police this morning returned the instrument to the 23-year- old student.
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>> in the words of a famous gangster, right? say hello to my little friend. >> oh, my god! >> open it up. >> reporter: police say the chello was stolen sunday afternoon from the conservatory by the well-dressed couple seen in this surveillance video. >> the only reason why i think we recovered this is the story went viral and everybody was talking about it. >> reporter: channel 2 was first to learn that the instrument was found just before midnight tuesday at the war memorial opera house, after a performance of rigelotto. someone pounded on this theater door and ran away. the chello was found lying on the plaza. >> the chello was like right here. >> reporter: war memorial opera house building staffer sofa recognized the chello from a broadcast last night. she called police this morning. >> i knew it had to be my chello that i saw on the news, because it was just laying there like, give me back to adam!
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>> reporter: and adam young says he got his chello back in time for a charity performance at night. what police say is next is catching the suspect in this case. today's federal approval for the first section of california's high-speed rail system. today's 41-page ruling on the environmental impact confirms that the benefits outweigh any negative effects. private construction firm also have until november to bid on the $69 billion project. after that, there will be months of planning with construction set to begin sometime next fall. the project is expected to put thousands of californians back to work, although critics say it is way into expensive, especially given california's severe budget problems. existing home sales jumped last month to the highest level in more than two years. according to the national
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association of realtors, u.s. sales of previously occupied homes rose 7.8% to a seasonally adjusted rate to 4.2 million. also today, the commerce department reported that construction of new homes rose 2.3% in august. dow rose 13 points. naz zach gained almost five points. an actress who appears in the controversial anti-muslim field which is causing an uproar is suing the producer for fraud, saying she answered an ad for an ancient egyptian adventure film, and there was no mention in the script of the prophet muhammad. in florida, authorities release dna test results that could play an important role in determining how trayvon martin was killed. they show that the only dna on
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the gun george zimmerman used to kill martin belonged to zimmerman. the neighborhood watchman claims he shot martin in self- defense. but these test results appear to indicate that martin had not grabbed for zimmerman's weapon. zimmerman is currently on bail on charges of second-degree murder. only on 2, more and more voters say they're undecided when it comes to some key tax measures on the november ballot. what else an exclusive new field poll has to say. >> reporter: the trend is that more likely voters are undecided on two tax initiatives designed to help close the budget deficit and fund education. the governor's plan, proposition 30, largely targets the risk, increasing personal income tax for those who make over a quarter of a million dollars. it would also increase sales tax by a quarter cent. our exclusive ktvu field poll
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shows 51% of likely voters would vote yes. 36% no. and 13% are undecided. that's up from 8% compared to a couple of months ago. >> there has been no poll that has shown it below 50. >> reporter: proposition 38 would raise taxes for nearly everyone but on a graduated basis. our poll shows it's behind. 41% would say yes, 44% no, and 15% aren't sure. the number of undecided voters is up from 8%, just two months ago. >> what that says to me is that voters are having a tougher time deciding. they're hearing conflicting claims now. >> reporter: the state budget was approved, assuming voters would give prop 30 the green light. >> bottom line, this would include a $457 per student cut to k-12 education.
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i would anticipate a major reduction in our school year as we move into a knowledge-based economy. we're really being short- sighted if this measure fails. >> reporter: and since both propositions have to do with personal income taxes, if those were to pass, the provisions on the one that gets the most votes would be enforced. >> the vote by cal state university trustees guarantees no matter which way the vote goes, students at the cal state university system will feel the effects almost immediately. the tuition would drop by 9%. if the prop fails, it would go up by 5%. starting today, californians can register to vote online. a registration forum is now available on the website for the california secretary of state.
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you'll be asked to answer a few questions and provide a california driver's license or id card. there's also a link to print out a hard copy of a registration form. october 22 is the last day to register to vote in the november 6 election. about 350,000 public school students in chicago headed back to class today after union officials voted to suspend their strike. parents were relieved to have their children back in school, and many of the kids say they were glad to return to their classes. a tentative contract still needs to be ratified. the agreement calls for increased pay to cover an extra hour of work each day. i also changes the way teachers are evaluated. we're learning new details about a man police say tried to kidnap three young men and that led police on a chase through
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two cities. and i'm back here at 5:20. we've got the fog clearing from the coast. i'll show you which cities will be in the low 40's.
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fremont police arrested a man after a bizarre chain of events last night. it started in fremont with a kidnapping attempt and then ended in union city. police crashed into the man's truck but still had a hard time detaining him. >> reporter: police say it started in fremont, with three young men, ages 19 and 20, walking at about 10 last night. 30-year-old robert abeta, tried to get them into his pickup. >> he's driving reckless, over medians and islands, over the sidewalk. >> reporter: police say the man ran and then split up, one going into this apartment
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complex, with abeyta giving him. the police officer had just started his shift and had just left the police station, which is right down the street from where all this happened. police say as the officer was getting a vehicle description, the truck came out of this apartment complex and that is when the chase began. the third victim had gotten away, but that chase didn't end. the suspect's truck and two police cars crashed. >> we deployed the the k-9 and there were dog bites that were ineffective. and we used a taser which was ineffective, probably because of use of methamphetamines. at this point it appears that he wanted to have sex with one or all three of the victims and wanted to get them into the truck. that appears to be the motive at this point. >> reporter: abeyta is from the san francisco area.
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he has a criminal history all very similar to the charges he is facing now. a plea hearing has been postponed for the man accuses of breaking into the home of steve jobs. today the judge granted a delay until october 27. mcfarland is accused of breaking into steve job's home on july 17 and then trying to sell some of what was stolen. he is charged with two felonies. a parent of a child allegedly abused by a special ed teacher in redwood city has filed a $1 million claim. it seeks compensation from suspect alexia bogdis. she will stand trial on five
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misdemeanor counts. police are investigating at least three incidents in which a man entered people's homes in the university village area in albany. in one case, the man posed as a maintenance worker to get into the woman's apartment, exposed himself, then ran away. the suspect is described as a white man, about 50 years old, with gray hair. a controversial immigration bill, the trust act, would limit local law enforcement's ability to cooperate with federal immigration. one anti-immigration group says the measure sends a message that immigrants won't be deported if they commit a crime. >> this is just complete lack of justice, and dangerous to the californian people. >> 22 democrats in congress signed a letter in support of the bill. they said it would, quote, restore the public's trust in
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local law enforcement. in richmond, residents will soon have a chance to hear the latest findings on last month's huge fire at the chevron refinery. five agencies are set to present information at the richmond memorial auditorium. the topics to be discussed will include how much pollution was released and what sort of hazards were faced by workers at the refinery. the fire broke out on august 6. an unusual piece of teum debris has washed up in hawaii. researchers found that, a big blue bin with a label that says yk company. it was found floating near their lab today. the container was covered with crabs not found in hawaii. >> one of our guys went on a google either to locate the site of the plant and it's in
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the tsunami zone. we had another person do research and we found that the company actually was wiped out by the tsunami and they just restarted business in 2011. >> debris from japan has already washed ashore in alaska and british columbia. back to our bay area weather. our chief meteorologist said yet not too many big changes between yesterday and today, and that really panned out. >> the sun came out along the coast and that's the same thing as yesterday. it's sunny out there. you can see that the weather is starting to feel a lot like fall. we've got winds off shore. there's the fog sitting offshore. let's come up here towards the delta. the winds are blowing. that's not very fall-like, the westerly wind. but what is fall-like is the fact that fog is having a tough time maintaining itself. these are the current high temperatures. i guess they're just current
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temperatures. 78 in fairfield, 75 in santa rosa. that temperature foot print looks a lot like fall. it's not fall yet. we're coming up on it. and we're doing below-average temperatures. it's been very cool. this system -- you can kind of see that. there's a low pressure center. i've been tracking it basically all summer, because it's been living out there, and that's why we've been kind of cool. this is going to come up against the coast a little more each day. as it does, it gives us more fog. it's one of the reasons the fog went away. the fog is thick because of it. it goes up over the hills, cools everybody. but then it keeps going, blows the inversion out this afternoon. then there's no going. the overnight lows will be chilly again. 46 in santa rosa. if you go towards forestville, that 46 is about a 42 or 41. it is getting cold up there in
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the drainage basin. it's getting cold out towards the fremont area. as we go into the next couple weeks, those temperatures, we're not that far from seeing frost around here. as we go into tonight, the fog and clouds will do what it did last night. what we have today is what we're going to see again tomorrow. forecast highs will be a little warmer tomorrow but the basic pattern, there's fog and then it burns away. there will be little patches of it. that temperature foot print reflects pretty much what we've seen the last five days. we do have changes coming up. i'll have that for you, coming up. backlash from the anti- muslim film and the company that came under attack today as well as the warning from those behind it. also, chaos at this prison. why correctional officers say they were forced to shoot one of the inmates and why several other inmates had to be taken
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to the hospital. new at 6, a bay area woman brutally beaten inside her home. >> i just started screaming as loud as i could. >> new information that could help those responsible for the brazen attack. also, we showed you the bay area man reunited with his prize possession. now what police are doing next to catch the suspect. and an historical landmark that's scene better days. >> how one community is trying to save this building and it's fire department. tonight at 6.
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the silicon valley start-up center hackard has gotten a reprieve. the group needed an infusion of cash to make building upgrades required by the city of mountainview. they said today that the founder of you-web puts them
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over the top on their 250,000 goavmentd earlier donors included google and microsoft. people around the world download the new mobile operating system. ios6 provides more than 200 new featurers and upgrades. and an enhanced version of siri and tighter integration with facebook. new language versus also -- new languages have also been added. the protest over an anti- islamic film that erupted overseas could be hitting closer to home. a group of hackers says it is behind temporary outages on bank of america's website. the group says more cyber attacks are in the works. homeland security secretary says the feds are responding to
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the threat. >> without going into more, i will simply say this is an example of working to benefit everybody. >> consumer information was never compromised, bank of america says. correctional officers opened fire at california state prison in sacramento today, wounding at least one inmate during a riot. prison officials say at least ten other inmates suffered knife wounds. the riot broke out about 11:15 this morning on an exercise yard. no prison workers were injured and there's no word on what started the riot. it's sometimes called the new folsom prison because it's located next to the original folsom prison. a respected product testing agency says... i'm consumer editor tom. danger or not? right now the school yard
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is full of kids.
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. it's a staple for so many here in the bay area and millions around the world. but now new questions are raising concern about the safety of rice. consumer reports says that rice may contain high levels of poisonous arsenic. tom vacar joins us live from a rice farm with why rice isn't the only food that's come under scrutiny. >> reporter: and the most important question of all, is this truly a danger, or is this just a grain of the truth? it's the very beginning of
5:30 pm
california's commercial rice harvest, now a 100-year-old $2 billion a year industry. rice in grown in basins we call rice paddies. it's the water that contains the arsenic, the kind used in pesticides, that feeds it into the rice, presenting a toxic risk. after finding what it calls significant levels of arsenic in samples of rice in foods containing rice, consumer reports wants the u.s. food and drug administration to set strict safety limits. >> the consumer report study showing the amount of arsenic that can be in rice is certainly a wake-up call for the food and drug administration. >> reporter: though consumer reports says it wants to inform and not alarm, it also wants consumers to limit their intake of rice and other arsenic- containing foods including various foods, vegetables and seafoods. >> the biggest area where consumers may want to change is
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where they're feeding rice cereals to infants. >> reporter: the mills produce a quarter of the nation's rice. >> u.s.-grown rice is wholesome, safe and nutritious. >> reporter: though the rice commission has no problem with the government looking into the issue -- >> we also want people to keep in mind that rice has been safely consumed around the world for hundreds of years. >> reporter: the food and drug administration released a statement saying, our advice right now is that consumers should continue to eat a balanced diet that includes a wide variety of grains. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. about 12 million older americans enrolled in medicare advantage health insurance plans will soon have to dig a little deeper to pay their prum yums. federal officials say premiums will rise. the news comes following an
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announcement that prescription drug premiums will remain the same. medicare advantage users are private plans, providing medicare services at a lower cost but with more restrictions. it appears the chick-fil-a restaurant chain is making and about-face and will no longer fund groups that oppose gay marriage. they say they will leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the political arena. a deputy was fortunate today after he crashed his patrol car into the fuel tank of a big rig during a police pursuit. he was chasing a suspect where the suspect threw a loaded rifle out the window. the accident did not rupture the fuel tank and the deputy wasn't hurt. the second deputy lost sight of the suspect but the authorities got the license plate. they also arrested a roommate
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on drug charges. mayor ozzie davis is calling for an independent review of the officer-involved shooting of mario romero. he says he wants the review to help reestablish trust in the vallejo police department by members of the community. the shooting prompted several protests about police statements, including one about romero carrying a real-looking but fake handgun. and the growing trend being seen online and the significant role a company in the peninsula is playing. police in palo alto are investigating an attempted sexual assault that could be linked to two cases last month. the victim says she was jogging in el palo alto park just before 7 a.m. when a man approached her, grabbed her breasts and tried to pull her down. she managed to break free. the suspect is described as possibly middle eastern or
5:34 pm
latino, 40 years old, 5-foot-9 with a medium build and thick hair. police believe he may be the same man where women were molested near downtown palo alto. schools are always trying to come up with ideas for how to raise money. the problem is, in san francisco, one very lucrative idea, also came with an expensive tax bill from the city. a new law that just went into effect has changed all that. christian? >> reporter: take a look right now, the school yard is filled with kids, but on big days, it's filled with cars, each one paying $25 to park here. a new law means that schools can keep all of that money, instead of turning a quarter of it over to the tax man. argon elementary school is one of the schools that uses its field as a parking lot. they say it's big money at a
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time when funding from the state is getting cut. >> reporter: last year, during the bluegrass festival, treasury workers showed up at the schools with tough questions. >> parents were approached, about why aren't you collecting these taxes? >> reporter: they've been working with the treasury department. marr says the city's parking tax was really designed with large parking lots in mind. they recognized that schools trying to raise money needed special consideration. >> our new law is narrowly tailored to pta's, parent volunteer organizations, not anything for profit at all. >> reporter: parents who volunteer to park cars say it's great schools can keep the money and even say customers g e happy to pay for parkin when they know where the money is going. >> it's not -- we're not actually charging a parking
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fee. it's a donation for the school. and they're willing to pay it. >> reporter: it came just in time for the bluegrass festival. they say the money will go to art teachers, school supplies and libraries. and, again, as we mentioned, in nine minutes, the growing trend being seen online with universities and the significant role that a company on the peninsula is playing in fueling that. a new study shows the number of children living in violent households in the united states has dropped significantly in the past almost two decades. the justice department looked at households where at least one member was the victim of a non-fatal violent crime. the number of children in those households went from 8.7 million in 1993 to 2.8 million in the year 2010, and that's a 68% drop. bringing jobs back to america, what one u.s. senator is proposing when it comes to
5:37 pm
those call centers and how he says it could bring 200,000 jobs to his state alone. and it wasn't what he said or what he did that got 49er alex smith under scrutiny from the nfl this week. and why these pictures may prove he got the message loud and clear. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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we're learning more tonight about the focus of the upcoming
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presidential debate, the first debate between president obama and republican nominee romney will be dominated by the economy. debate moderator jim has released a list of topics the two candidates will discuss. and the first three of the debates will focus on the economy. the two candidates face off october 3 at the university of denver in colorado. the food industry hit a 17- -year high last year. commercial fishermen caught 10.1 billion pounds of fish and shellfish. it's 23% more in weight and 17% more in value than 2010. alaska topped the list in both quantity and value. the report says that fish populations are rebuilding, although a number of fisheries remain in trouble. the u.s. senate will be considering a bill that could motivate companies to reestablish their call centers on u.s. soil.
5:41 pm
the legislation would require that overseas operators tell customers where they're located. companies that send their calls abroad would also be inel i believe for federal grants and loans. sherrod brown introduced the bill today. >> if the people answer the phone would say, i live in so- and-so, i'm answering from so- and-so place, if they cited a place in the united states, companies would more likely be moving them back. >> the bill is called the u.s. call center worker and consumer protection act of 2012. after years of controversy, the bay area's first wal-mart neighborhood market opened its doors in san ramon. it is around around the clock. it features a deli, bakery, pharmacy, fresh produce and a large variety of hispanic items. wal-martrt says it's smaller than its regular wal-mart stores for a more convenient
5:42 pm
shopping experience. the chain had met with some opposition. wal-mart says the opening has created 85 jobs and that it is still hiring. the 49ers are off to a great start and so is the team's new stadium in santa clara. we'll show you the progress being made. it turned out to be a pretty nice day today. the fog is clear. the fog is coming back. we'll talk about how far inland la the fog is going to go tomorrow morning as you head off to work. if new at 6, a bay area woman brutally beaten inside her home. >> i just started screaming as loud as i could. >> new information that could help catch those responsible for the brazen attack. also, we showed you the bay area man reunited with his prize possession. now, what police are doing next to catch you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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it's kind of hard not to notice, the new 49er stadium down in santa clara is already starting to look like a stadium. an exclusive look behind the scenes today. robert? >> reporter: that's right. just five months ago, i was here for the official groundbreaking. now, as you can see behind me, a lot of ground was covered. here's a live picture from news chopper 2. we'll show you some unique pictures, but it's easy to see the progress just driving by. it's pretty hard not to notice how big and high the new 49 stadium is getting. the official ground-breaking was in april and the steel beams started being put in place on july 30. >> it's definitely exciting to see how fast it's going up. seems like it's going to be ready for next season but i know it's two seasons off.
5:46 pm
>> we have about 25% of the steel already up. we are on schedule. we're happy to be on schedule. it's a great thing to say that we're on schedule. i can say that we're about 25% finished with the stadium. >> reporter: the financial framework of the stadium is also filling in well. the team is reporting $670 million in sales from luxury suites and seat licenses. figures that make city officials happy and relieved. >> we were crazy and lunatics, now when the shovel hit the ground, that was a big step. but this behind us and how quick they're putting it up and putting people to work and bringing economic development for the city, it not only put us on the map again but it's doing the things we hoped it would do. >> reporter: for some fans who attended the game at candlestick park, the access to and from the stadium is a plus good we stayed till the very end, and that was ugly. >> reporter: and back live with a great view above the stadium project. no matter how fast it seems to
5:47 pm
be going up, the opening is still set for the 2014 season. quarterback alex smith found himself in some hot water. he sometimes wears the san francisco giants cap and that's against the league rules. the nfl has reportedly threatened to fine him if he wears the hat again. this is his post-game interview from sunday's game. several ivy league universities have now jumped on the online college bandwagon. stanford university and uc san francisco already offer courses. now the education platform has added columbia, brown, emery, vanderbilt.
5:48 pm
dozens of california school districts have been warned that they have an unusually high number of black students in special education. state education officials state that the special education classes are, quote, significantly disproportionate racially. twelve of those school districts were here in the bay area. the districts must review their programs to make sure there is no discrimination. the space shuttle endeavour heads west for retirement. its departure from florida had been delayed two day because of weather. on friday morning, the shuttle will fly over several bay area landmarks. then it's on to los angeles for its new home. there have been three
5:49 pm
partial eclipses on mars is just the past week. tomorrow, curiosity is set to make its first chemical test of a martian rock. forbes richest american list, bill gates is still the nation's richest man by far. he is worth $66 billion and he tops the forbes 400 list for the 19th straight year. warren buffet is second. larry ellison is third. facebook's mark zuckerberg fell after his lackluster ipo. he dropped to no. 36 at 9.4 billion. some of the other names on the list, george lucas is no. 120. he's followed by steven spielberg and donald trump. for the last three weeks,
5:50 pm
it's been kind of below average, then mild afternoons. we're not dealing with red flag warnings or spare the air days. that's highly unusual for this late in september. we haven't had it. it's still hot in the valley. sacramento is at 86. but look at this cool air. that's that marine air. when we talk about marine layer, that's the marine layer. see those greens and those yellows? we've got a push of cool moist air that gave us temperatures like these today, just like the day before. the changes have been very subtle. tomorrow, just like today. no big difference. we're gonna deal with a very similar pattern, which brings fog in late tonight, cool overnight lows and daytimes just like today. the bay area weekend, friday -- i count friday as the weekend -- we're looking for temperatures to be back up into the 80's. then it cools for sunday. mid 60's down in san francisco.
5:51 pm
in san francisco. 70's as you head out across east bay hills. mid 70's out towards pittsburg. low 80's out towards discovery bay and out towards the southern santa clara valley. but you get the picture. it's going to be a day tomorrow a lot like today because of this low pressure center. that's what i've been tracking. it's just kind of keeping more cool air right at the coast. that air is normally not there and none of this cool air is here and this warm air bathes the bay area. but that low is sitting there and continuing to moderate our temperatures downward. tomorrow, just close your eyes and remember what today was like, because that's how tomorrow is going to be. 87 in clearlake tomorrow. 81 in fairfield. forecast highs in the east bay, 80 in livermore, 83 in brentwood. we keep saying it, boy, it is really -- i don't know if i
5:52 pm
like the word pleasant, but it's really been a nice weather pattern. our friends and firefighters, the men and women out there, are not an high alert, because this pattern has been helpful. the forecast for the weekend, it warms up on friday and saturday and drops down on sunday. very subtle. >> those next couple of days look fantastic. >> all week is going to be great. the reason a major cell phone carrier could face a lawsuit when the iphone 5 is released. it's been 24 years since a panam flight exploded. @p@po'
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one week after the tear rition strike in libya there are new calls to investigate another libyan attack, the 1988 lockerbie bombing. families of victims were in washington today, demanding answers. >> there is life before something like this happens and there is life afterwards. when you lose a child, especially i think, you never get over it. >> paul hudson's 16-year-old daughter was on board pan am 103 when it exploded and kroshed in scotland. one man was convicted in connection with the attack. victims' families are asking washington to force the libyan
5:56 pm
government to find the other terrorist who went free. >> we just went to get on with our lives, because there's so much pain and suffering. >> the family says last week's attack on the u.s. consulate shows libya is not doing enough to root out terrorists. three u.s. public interest groups plan to file a complaint against at&t over new limits on the use of apple's face time. with the new operating system that comes on the iphone 5, face time can now be used over wi-fi and cellar networks, but at&t is limiting it use on cellar networks for people paying the most on their data plans. consumers advocates say at&t is violating net neutrality rules. verizon says all of its iphone customers can use face time by
5:57 pm
either method. the ktvu ipad app is ready to download. you can get bay area weather and video of breaking news anytime, anywhere. she was home all alone and awoke to four men surrounding her. >> i didn't know if i was going to be raped or killed. one of them had a gun. >> this victim shares her story. coming up in two minutes, about the terrifying home invasion. this firehouse could be the key to safety for one community. the problem is, it's uninhabitable. what people are doing to try and change that.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6. good evening, everybody. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. scarred and scared. a fremont woman is sharing a terrifying story of when four men invaded her home and threatened her life. new at 6, ktvu's mike is live in fremont with the evidence that woman was able to give to police in the hope of catching the criminals. mike? >> reporter: julie, here they are, released just a few hours ago, known to police as suspect no. 2. take a good look. and suspect no. 4, also take a good look. these men are also

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